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Since the inception of LookingForAmerica.Today, others have chosen my destinations based on issues they felt relevant to our times. This gallery is a snippet of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve had the opportunity to meet.

Here are a few of the places people have sent me:

~ Rural communities where millennials have returned home to bring their towns back to life.
~ The deep south where change makers strive to heal their communities, dismantle racism & build inclusion.
~ Along the Atlantic to witness the fragile balance between precious resources & human need.
~ 4, 850 feet down, into the earth to tour a once gold mine that is now an international science lab.
~ Western reservations where young leaders are reclaiming native identity and building coalitions.

Join me on  this journey into survival, revival, and rural innovation.

Together, we’ll meet the ‘lightkeepers’ of our nation determined to change the trajectory of our nation.

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