Today I was jonzin’ for a pizza—a thin crust pizza with feta and spinach, to be exact. I prowled downtown. There’s one grill and one diner. No pizza. Alas, I ended up with a grilled Velveeta sandwich.

I am in Wolf Point, Montana—population 1,900.  This is the biggest city on Fort Peck Indian Reservation, the ninth largest reservation in America. Like far too many other rural downtowns, many of buildings are boarded. There are more bars than restaurants. More car lots than grocery stores. Thankfully, their Albertsons is one of the better ones for a town this size. Tonight was fresh salad night. Not as fun as pizza but way healthier.

Wolf Point was the first stop of my first trip two years ago. The leaders I met back then altered the trajectory of my life and my project. I’ve followed many of them. Some introduced me to others.

I’ve come back to see how their work is evolving. 

I expected to be here for a week.
I will be here for another month.
I am so stoked!

In a most unexpected turn of events, I am now working with a mentor for teens and her youth leaders to make two PSAs about suicide prevention and meth addiction. The spots will be created from personal conversations with students about their own experiences. The final PSAs will offer, through student voices, intervention strategies to others and provide ways to support youth whose family and/or friends are consumed by meth. 

In this edition, I sit down with three of the tribe’s new generation of leaders to find out how they are tackling some of their communities most pressing issues.








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