Challenges. Comebacks. Hopes and Setbacks.

I’m going beyond the headlines into rural regions to meet people striving to build healthy communities and sustainable economies.

I’m a community development specialist, leadership coach, educator, and story crafter. In 2017, in response to the extreme polarization in my city, I launched LookingForAmerica.Today to get to the heart of the social issues crippling our nation. Since then, I’ve traveled over 70,000 miles solo, living and working in rural communities, interviewing more than 1,500 community transformers.

Follow me on my blog, as I:

    • Spotlight rural communities striving to revitalize themselves.
    • Share ground-breaking programs occurring in unexpected places.
    • Interview legacy shapers determined to bring their towns back to life.
    • Reveal everyday challenges of rural life while living in communities.

Nancy Ward—KOHI Radio

Carolyn’s ability to find people willing to open up, not only to her but to us, on a radio station in a town they have never heard of, is simply awe inspiring. In short, Carolyn puts us all at ease and creates a safe container in which we can share, listen, and learn from each other. If you are looking for someone to facilitate conversation and build community through meaningful discussions and projects, look no further. You’ve found her. She’s Carolyn Campbell.

Come rural with me.
Let’s gain a deeper understanding of our nation’s issues by meeting people driven to overcome the challenges they face head on.