Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

This next, year long, trip will be the biggest yet! 

From large companies to everyday folks committed to bridging the divide in our country,  I am humbled and honored by all the support GOING RURAL has received.

Teachers, nurses, engineers, retired folks, researchers, health care workers, sales reps, politicians, preachers, ex-politicians, artists, bankers, corporations, liberals, conservatives, small business owners — and just people who care — have become sponsors.

~ MULTI-MEDIA ‘CHAPTER STORIES’. I’m recording stories of people who inspire and move me. 
~ ROAD TRAVEL. A tiny shoestring budget for gas, food, and lodging.  
~ EXHIBITS, TALKS & PRESENTATIONS. Online, on-the-road, and in my hometown.

MY SPECIAL THANK YOUs when you donate.

  •  All sponsors, whatever the level, will have my deepest gratitude and be listed in my promotional materials.
  • With a contribution of $55, your name will be listed as a sponsor.
  • With a contribution of $105, your name or business will be listed with a link.
  • With a contribution of $600, you will be listed as a ‘Week-On-the-Road’ donor! 
  • With a contribution of $900 or more, you can send me to a town, of your choosing.

And now …

To move to the next level and be on the road for a year, GOING RURAL needs BIG sponsorship.

  • With a contribution of $5,000 or more, you will be listed as a premier donor. I will speak to a community of your choosing.
  • With a contribution of $10,000 or more, you will be listed as a community transformer. I would love to interview you, anonymously or publicly. I want to hear and share your perspective on rural revitalization, and particularly why you think it is so critical. 

If you know of others, or a group, who would like to becomse sponsors please share.

It’s exciting to have more and more folks GOING RURAL with me!