My winter prayer

My winter prayer

I will not live in reactionary mode. I will not succumb to reactionary media frenzy! (And amazingly, so far, I haven’t—for that, I am thrilled!)

Instead, I will publically celebrate the work of groups that build community and offer an alt-truth to hate and destruction. I will share gratitude for leaders, like Judge Ann Donnelly, who protect and serve. And I will share pictures that, hopefully, honor their work.

Today I pray that local groups will work together to a common purpose. How that will be done? I’m not sure.

My experience this weekend actually began weeks ago before the Women’s March. For those that don’t know, NAACP withdrew their support after complaints that the Women’s March organizers were intentionally not including Black, Muslim, Immigrant and Refugee women. (A reflection of our larger state of the nation?)

The march leadership transitioned and the organizers hustled to reorient the march to be inclusive of all women and challenge the “white order” of Portland. I reached out to JoAnn Hardesty, the new NAACP president of the Portland Chapter to express my support. When the Women’s March was over she then reached out to me and asked if I was going to the March for Justice.

And that’s how this weekend began. Photographing the March for Justice and Police Reform.

At the same time, the PNW Stands with Standing Rock had scheduled a rally at the exact same time.

I knew I wanted to go to both.

I asked if there was any way the PNW Stands with Standing Rock could modify their time. Apparently, a lot of people asked the same question. Thankfully they did! It was amazing!!!! I am continually touched by their unwavering commitment to inspire others toward love and an appreciation for a culture and people we, the government and the people, actively sought to annihilate.

These groups are what keep me hopeful. When tyranny pours down upon us, history has shown it is the consistent action of clear intention that paves the way to reclaim a new world order of justice and compassion.


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