A woman’s solo odyssey into survival, revival and community connection.

Driven to go beyond headlines and the frenzy, to find out what’s really going on across the nation, I started
GOING RURAL: LookingForAmerica.Today. For more than a year now, Ms. Fantastic! (my 12-foot solar conversion van)
and I have been visiting small towns, rural communities and coastal hamlets across America.

The journey continues.

Staying at length in dozens of rural towns, I’ve traveled:

  • Deep into the south where I learned the distinction between racism and race relations.
  • 1,500 miles through border towns learning the impact of walls on towns.
  • 2,500 miles along the Atlantic seaboard where natural resources compete with human need.
  • 4,850 feet under the earth to see a reclaimed gold mine turned international science lab.
  • 41,000 miles meeting with 500+ change-makers bringing their towns back to life.
  • All this, plus more!

It’s been humbling and rewarding to unravel myths and uncover vital truths.

 Join me.