Challenges. Comebacks. Hopes and Setbacks.

I’m going beyond the headlines, into rural communities, to see how people are
rebuilding towns that help form America’s story.

My name is Carolyn Campbell. I’m a business coach, community development specialist and photographer. In 2017, after personally experiencing the polarization in my hometown, I started LookingForAmerica.Today. I needed to get to the heart of the social issues crippling our nation. Since then, I’ve driven over 43,000 miles, solo, interviewing 500+ rural innovators. I’ve discovered that beyond everything we’ve been told about the state of rural America, there are seeds of promise and a growing movement of rural revitalization.

Follow me on my blog, as I:

    • Spotlight rural communities striving to revitalize.
    • Share ground-breaking programs occurring in unexpected places.
    • Interview legacy shapers determined to bring their towns back to life.
    • Reveal everyday challenges of rural life while living in communities.

If you want to know what’s really going on in rural communities, come rural with me. You’ll meet the people in towns driven to rise from the ashes and overcome the challenges they must face as they do.